Tired of popping pills due to recurring body issues? Try food cures! The answer to your illness could perhaps be in your kitchen itself. After all, certain foods can build your immunity and help your body stabilize. Want to know what these food fixes are? Here’s a list…

yoghurt reduces blood pressure

Problem: High blood pressure

Food fix: Low fat yoghurt

If you aren’t aware already, low fat yoghurt can cut down high blood pressure problems to a great extent. This healthy food is rich in potassium, which is known to reduce blood pressure. Moreover, yoghurt is also a good source of calcium, the deficiency of which can contribute to hypertension. You should also take note that yoghurt is a low sodium food that’s very necessary for those suffering from high blood pressure.

cherries for severe joint pain

Problem: Joint pain

Food fix: Cherries

When you suffer from severe joint pains, it is usually suggested that you up your intake of cherries. Cherries get their red colour from plant chemicals known as anthocyanins. It is these chemicals that actually curb inflammation thereby helping your joint pains. Conquering joint pains will no longer be difficult!

popcorn helps you fight constipation

Problem: Constipation

Food fix: Popcorn

Ever thought your favourite movie-watching snack could cure your bowel problems? Well, it’s actually true. Sure, we like to be all hush-hush about problems like these but it’s about time we started shedding our inhibitions and talked about it openly. Quite naturally, you reach out for laxatives when you’re facing trouble with bowel movements. However, the problem here is that they can easily have certain side effects too. This is when a bowl of popcorn could come to your rescue. Popcorn is a low-calorie whole grain snack that’s loaded with fiber—just what you need for constipation!

lemon juice to break down kidney stones

Problem: Kidney stones

Food fix: Lemon juice

Since lemons are highly citric by nature, they contain citrate that is the prime inhibitor of calcium stone formation. They have the power to break the small stones that can eventually become bigger monsters. It also decreases the acidity of urine that prevents the formation of calcium oxalate as well as uric acid stone.

cranberry juice to treat urinary tract infections

Problem: Urinary Tract Infections

Food fix: Cranberry juice

There’s no denying that urinary tract infections are a common problem among women. To prevent it or reduce the intensity, resort to cranberry juice. The reason cranberries help fight UTIs is because they contain substances that prevent infection-causing bacteria from reaching the walls of your urinary tract. It is also said that it inhibits bacteria from reaching the bladder and urethra.