Childhood Foods That’ll Always Be Close To Our Hearts

Written by Team BBOct 22, 2018
Our childhood memories are all about relishing fun foods at street vendors. From candy cigarettes to ice sticks, foods from our younger days will always be close to our hearts. Take a walk down memory lane as we tell you about the 4 favourite foods that will always make us nostalgic.

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Pepsi Cola

If there’s something we crave every summer, it is these colourful ice sticks packed in see-through packets. Every hot day was about indulging in these while returning from school. The best part was that they were priced at barely a rupee each! Available in lemon, kala khatta, cola, orange and more, these ice sticks were life-changing back then. The good news is they’re still available at a few stores who strongly believe that this product hasn’t lost its charm!

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Candy Floss

The sight of baby pink light-as-clouds candy floss at a fun fair brought an instant smile to our faces back when we were little and it still does today. The best part about it was that we could enjoy so many without having to worry about weight issues! We’ve got older and time has passed, but when we spot a candy floss stall we still can't resist it.

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Sweetened cigarettes

Who said all cigarettes are injurious to health? These Phantom cigarettes, which made us look cool back in our childhood, were the ultimate candies of those times. Peppermint flavoured, these cigarettes were almost like a style statement. Hmm, we wonder if these could ever replace the tobacco-laden ones.

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Orange Ice candy

While Pepsi Cola was a favourite, ice candies or popsicles too were oh-so refreshing in the summers during childhood. Don’t know about you but our favourite one was the orange stick that cost barely 5 back then. We had it during play time, we had it when we were rewarded for behaving well and we had it to celebrate everything and anything. Well, the charm of this candy will probably never wear off.

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