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Written by Gitanjali DiwanJun 11, 2014
Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate. This is a quote that speaks straight to my heart (and thighs!) Yes my name is Gitanjali and I am a chocoholic. Ladies, you know what I’m, talking about.
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So, when I was invited for a free chocolate tasting at the launch of Royce’ chocolate store at Palladium I was excited. Unfortunately it was on a work day but as luck would have it, it rained and it poured and we were let off work early. And where do you think I went? Oh no, not home, I went straight to Phoenix Mills and to this little chocolate store that I was so keen to see.

For those people who don’t know about Royce’ and before I actually went to the store I was one of you, here is some information about who they are and what they do.

Royce’ is a chocolate maker that comes from the city of Sapparo in Japan. They have perfected the art of making fine chocolates and pride themselves not on flavoured Bon Bon’s like many other confectioners but on a little chocolate square of heaven called the Nama . A delicious square shaped truffle-like chocolate ganache, available in three flavours: Milk, Champagne and Bitter, delicately dusted with rich cacao powder. Once this little square hits the mouth it melts into a flavour of thick velvety chocolate cream that makes you want to devour the entire box. Mmmmm!

They also have some novelties that include, Potato Chip Chocolate; crunchy, salty, ridged crisps covered with sweet, rich chocolate, Chocolate Wafers; smooth hazelnut cream sandwiched between thin crispy wafers and covered with sweet, rich chocolate, Prafeuille Chocolate Berry; flat chocolate squares filled with gooey berry sauce and Baton Cookies; soft but crunchy biscuits flavoured with coconut or hazel, coated with sweet, rich chocolate to name a few.

It’s no wonder that Royce’ is known to have somewhat of a cult following wherever they open and I for one am definitely a recruit ;)

All of us lucky enough to live in Bombay can now make our way to the ground floor of the ever so popular Palladium at Phoenix Mills, to indulge in a box of these luxurious chocolates that although dearly priced, will satisfy your every chocolate craving, leaving you wanting more….mmm nom nom nom.

Address: Royce’ Chocolate, Palladium Mall, C/O High Street Phoenix, 462 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai- 400013

Photograph Credits: Royce India Chocolates

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Having been exposed to a variety of cultures; she was born and bred in Bombay, studied in Australia and worked in the UK, Gitanjali finds it challenging to be anything but a food enthusiast, and that is exactly what she is. Bloggerganoush is her journey through the varied cuisine choices and as she absolutely loves to travel, she never fails to include and share food recommendations.

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