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Written by Nirati AgarwalJun 03, 2014
One of more original bars in Mumbai, The Daily, co-owned by Dishant Pritamani and Amrit Manghnani offers unique, signature cocktails, especially created by their bartenders for the adventurous. Combining tea with rum, dates with whiskey and green chillies with pineapple juice, their cocktails certainly tested every preconceived notion in our mind, offering simplicity with that touch of the unique. BeBeautiful does a taste test to bring you a list of four must-try drinks because when it comes to food and drinks, like life, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new!

La bella

Passion for experimentation

Orange slices are a strong, citrusy garnish in this drink, which contains white rum, apricot, mint and apple-infused tea. Take a sip and you’ll see that this cocktail screams fruity and is perfect for a sundowner.

USP: Pairing tea and white rum is quite rare, and this drink achieves that girly, fruity taste, without an overdose of alcohol, though we are told that it packs quite a punch!

Photographer: Dhiman C


Behind the bar

Passion for experimentation

Here, we see bartender Roger Gomes, ‘shaking’ the cocktail. Shaking refers to the act of pouring all the ingridients of the cocktail into a shaker tin and then shaking. It is followed by straining the drink, before finally pouring it into the glass.



Passion for experimentation

This strong, hardy cocktail, whose name means ideal happiness, is quite the popular order at The Daily. Combining whiskey, rosso, curry leaves, apple juice and dates, it has a sour taste with a sweet finish.

USP: With a tricky pairing of curry leaves, dates and whiskey, this is a hard drink to get right! Perfectly balanced at this pub, it is certainly a must-try.


Smoking it!

Passion for experimentation

Eluther Gomes, Operation Head and award-winning bartender, is seen here smoking The Mirage with maple smoke. We love the performance that comes with this drink!


The mirage

Passion for experimentation

A smoky cocktail, this one stands out because of the sheer performance of the bartender as he smokes the drink with maple wood chips before pouring it into the glass. Offering a freshness that is inimitable, it contains bourbon, cardamom, cloves, kiwi and lime.

USP: This spicy cocktail contains the subtle flavour of maple wood, which adds both aroma and sweetness.


Tiffany twisted

Passion for experimentation

For teetotallers, we also tried this interesting mocktail that has a fresh, minty taste with a hint of spice. The ingredients, which include pineapple juice, coriander, mint, green chillies and lime, look really fun muddled together in the tall glass!

USP: A great, fresh taste, no alcohol and that addition of chilli make this mocktail into something truly special.


Passion for experimentation

Passion for experimentation

Dishant Pritamani turned out to be a very interesting conversationalist with a passion for cocktails and for experimentation. Big on trying new things, he is the reason why The Daily is known for its unusual offerings. During our time spent there, he told us the story behind the witty, funny and strange newspaper clippings that define the bar. Go check it out for yourself, and tell us what is your favourite!

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