5 Organic Food Swaps For A Healthier You!

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 02, 2016
5 organic food swaps for a healthier you!
“It takes love over gold and mind over matter, to do what you do that you must…” croons a Dire Straits song and the lyrics only stand firm ground when applied to health. Every eating choice and smart swap can pave way for a healthier, happier life. So take a look at our 5 ‘this over that’ organic food swaps that will work wonders for you.

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Organic red or brown rice over white rice:

White rice is basically brown rice that had an unhealthy makeover. Before it was put through refining process, white rice used to be brown rice. Unlike white rice which is stripped of all its nutrients, red or brown rice has side hull and bran which renders quicker digestion since it’s lighter on the stomach. These hulls and brans are rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and potassium. So for those trying to lose weight or suffering from diabetes, brown rice can prove a healthy staple.

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Organic palm or palmyra jaggery over white sugar:

Not all good things come in fancy packages and this adage couldn’t hold truer when it comes to jaggery. Sugar might seem like a convenient choice as opposed to the dark yellow, amorphous substance but jaggery is considered a healthier bet. Jaggery has effectively proven its credentials at cleansing the respiratory tracts, lungs, stomach and intestines. Its fibrous texture helps relieve constipation. The disadvantages of sugar as already known, making jaggery the obvious healthier choice.

5 organic food swaps for healthy life soya chunks 600x400

Avocados over Butter, Mayo:

Add that dash of nutrition to your diet by substituting avocado puree for butter and mayo. Avocados are loaded with nutrients and serve as one of the healthiest food swaps you can choose. Use avocados instead of mayonnaise in your tuna, use it to bake brownies instead of butter or toss it in your salads. Adding avocados to your diet is adding 20 vitamins and minerals to your intake.

5 organic food swaps for healthy life soya chunks 600x400

Soya chunks over meat:

A favourite palate pleaser is meat and what makes it oh-so popular world over is its protein overload. Too bad the vegan world stays deprived of the blessed meaty recipes. Well, here is a fun way to add a vegan twist to this meaty tale and still relish the same flavours. Replace that meat with an equally nutritional option, Soya chunks.  Made from soy beans, soya chunks work well as meat substitutes and prove equally nutritious.

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