5 Quirky Food Combinations You Simply Must Try

Written by Nazneen JoshiSep 28, 2016
Fruit and cheese, sugar and spice, sweet and savoury—food combinations are an interesting thing. More often than not, we like to stick to our traditional notions, making a classically cooked dish that we’re happy to eat. But every now and then, a burst of flavour can take us by surprise and arrest our taste buds. Today, we’re helping you out with the tasting game (for better or for worse) and giving you five tried, tested and declared delicious quirky food combinations. We hope you’re left smacking your lips as hard as we did after some sampling.

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Red Hot Chilli Chocolate

Whether it’s a straight up bark of bitter chocolate paired with red hot chilli, hot truffles or a lip-smacking dish of chilli con carne (beef chilli with chocolate)—when chilli and chocolate are paired together, the flavours released are rich and delicious. Any seasoned cook will tell you that the best dishes have a perfect balance of flavours—whether it’s sweet and sour or in this case sweet, bitter and hot.

5 quirky food combination you must try chocolate pasta 430x550

Pears and Parmesan

A great dessert dish, ripe pears and parmesan makes for a classic combination. Add in some salad greens and balsamic vinaigrette to make for a spectacular salad. The fresh crisps of pear with the crumbly, texture of the cheese will make for an unexpected but delightful taste.

5 quirky food combination you must try chocolate pasta 430x550

Fried Chicken and Waffles

Sweet, buttery waffles, saturated in a pool of sticky maple syrup paired with crispy fried chicken. This traditionally American pairing comes from the country’s soul food tradition as a breakfast or brunch meal. The unusual food pairing is a beloved one and one that has influenced generations of families. The crispiness of the chicken and waffles pairs beautifully together as does the sweetness of the soft meat with the butter and maple syrup. Not the best for your cholesterol, but our mouth is already watering at just the thought of this delicious combination, which sounds pretty simple to whip up too!

5 quirky food combination you must try chocolate pasta 430x550

Ginger Jelly

On toast, in crêpes, in rice, in salads, in a sandwich or alongside a fish dish, the uses of a good ginger jelly seem without bounds. Ginger has a strong and distinct flavour that is often accentuated and highlighted in Asian dishes. Ginger, however, also complements sweet salads and fruit dishes. When ginger is diluted in the sweetness of fruit, it gives the jelly a distinctive, hot-and-sweet taste that is versatile and delicious.

5 quirky food combination you must try chocolate pasta 430x550

Chocolate Pasta

Pick up the best dark chocolate you can find and knead it into a batch of pasta dough to create a unique and incredibly scrumptious sweet or savoury dish. Pictured here is a sweet chocolate pasta dish with a raspberry compote, fresh cream, blueberries and mint.

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