India ka super chef—Saransh Goila peppers each dish with a sprinkling of his personality. India’s youngest celebrity-chef chats with us and takes us through eight of his most innovative creations and tells us what inspired him to create each concoction. A treat for the eyes as well as the palate, click through and dig in.

saransh goila chocolate kaju ladoo 430x550

Chocolate Kaju Laddoo

This sweet dish came into existence by pure chance. An exotic Indian dessert had to be prepared but with limited ingredients. The texture of this laddoo is like a Kaju Katli but the dark chocolate coating enhances the flavour. This dessert is perfect for festivals!

saransh goila eggs kejriwal 430x550

Eggs Kejriwal

The name drives a lot of traction for this dish, though when you look at it; there’s a lot of fusion going on. Traditionally the base is half a bun with a dollop of mayonnaise, a slice of cheese and eggs done sunny side up but with green chillies, coriander and onions. Truly packing in that fusion punch!

saransh goila beet root halwa 430x550

Beetroot Halwa on Saffron Toast

I like being different, a bit crazy and innovative. We’re all well aware of Gajar, Suji and Dal ka Halwa but how many have tried a Beetroot Halwa? It’s got a beautiful colour and the presentation is contemporary. Saffron toast is prepared like the Hyderabadi Shahi toast and then topped with Beetroot Halwa quenelles.

saransh goila bounty patrani 430x550

Bounty Patrani

Cooking in a banana leaf is one of the most unique cooking techniques practiced in our country. So why not use it to explore desserts as well? This dessert is based on Chenna, which is an un-ripened, fresh Indian cottage cheese. Though the twist here is the chopped Bounty bar (coconut and chocolate candy bar), which is stuffed between the chenna to make it heavenly!

saransh goila oreo ke pakode 430x550

Oreo ke Pakode

Well if you’ve been to the U.S. you must have seen Oreo fritters somewhere for sure! Let’s just say, I almost make the same thing, but it rings a bell when you call it a pakoda right? Basically, it’s a marketing gimmick and a sinful one at that.

saransh goila spaghetti moilee 430x550

Spaghetti Moilee

The traditional Kerala curry is one of my favourites. I used to have it almost every weekend because it’s so easy to prepare. One fine Sunday I had some left over spaghetti and wanted to have moilee and *tadaaa* spaghetti moilee was born. I like to believe that the best innovations are a result of curiosity.

saransh goila paneer in cashew sauce 430x550

Paneer in Cashew Sauce

I’m a chef I agree, but I have no shame in accepting that I like making a few international dishes in a desi format, especially Chinese ones! This is a spin on the traditional Kung Pao in which the chicken gets replaced by paneer and the number of cashews and chilli peppers obviously goes up.