Even after eating a healthy breakfast, certain foods stay in your body as fat rather than get burned up as fuel. This process makes you feel hungry within an hour or two after eating making you crave more coffee or sugary foods that spike insulin levels. Below, 5 surprising bites that are responsible for your growling stomach.

foods that are actually making you more hungry cold cereal 600x400

Cold cereal

When you have cold cereal for breakfast it does not keep you full for a longer time as it does not have much water content. Eat foods that are high in water content as they tend to keep you full for longer period of time like cooked oatmeal soaked in almond milk overnight.

foods making you hungry fruits 430x550


Fruits contain fructose and glucose that won’t spike your insulin levels and make you go hungrier. Instead try two eggs cooked in olive oil and top an avocado with sea salt for a protein rich breakfast that will keep you full till lunch.

foods making you hungry yogurt 430x550


Instead of going for plain yogurt, opt for a Greek version by mixing it with a little honey for better taste and health. Not only it will keep you full but it will promote good bacteria in your gut for a healthier and happier you.

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Green smoothies

There’s no denying that green smoothies are healthy. But if you want to stay full, eat your calories instead of drinking them. Slice your greens and eat them for that feeling of fullness and snack on a handful of nuts along for a complete breakfast.

foods making you hungry whole grain breads 600x400

Whole grain breads

The food is extremely high on glycemic acid that will elevate your blood sugar making you feel hungry just after an hour of eating breakfast. Bombarding your body with carbs won’t help; try eating a good combination of carbs and proteins like idlis and muesli that will fill you up while making your body fit and healthy.