Stomach cramps, mood swings and bloating—periods bring with them a whole lot of trouble for us girls. So much so that you almost want to go into hibernation during that time of the month. But what if we told you that there are certain foods, when consumed, can easily help you deal with period woes? Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of things you could consume during this time.



If you’re a woman, you know what it is to have disturbed sleep throughout the night during your period. Well, the solution lies in eating bananas! Sounds absurd? Bananas contain melatonin that regulates the body’s sleeping cycle and helps you get that good night’s sleep when you’re struggling during your period. Moreover, bananas are rich in potassium as well as vitamin B6 that affect blood glucose and boost your mood, which is necessary because you feel unusually blue during that time of the month. In addition, bananas also regulate your bowel movements, which is especially important for women who often suffer from diarrhea during this time.


Leafy greens


You must understand that blood loss can cause anemia, which means your iron levels become rather low during this time. Hence, it is important to load up on foods rich in iron like leafy greens like spinach and leaf lettuce. During your period, you might even feel fatigued and lethargic due to the blood loss. Foods like spinach will help you regain your iron levels.




Always wonder if there was a magical solution to those painful stomach cramps during your period? Well, the answer lies in eating fish like tuna and salmon! These are rich in Omega-3s as well as other fatty acids that have the power to keep your body’s muscles relaxed—something that can reduce the intensity and severity of cramps.




Your body loses a lot of fluid while you’re on your period and chances are that you might even end up feeling dehydrated. So make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water during your period. Coconut water and lime juice are great options with dual benefits.


Dark chocolate


Chocolate is rich in magnesium, a nutrient whose levels go down during your period. Moreover, chocolate contains serotonin, the chemical that makes you feel good and elevates your mood. Therefore, eating a bit of dark chocolate can prove to be rather beneficial for you during this time.