Have you noticed that certain foods have an immediate effect on your mood? From fruits that make you less irritable to veggies that instantly have a calming effect on your body, our moods are a result of what we eat. Want to know what you should consume to get your mood right? Take a look.

foods that change your mood almonds 430x550

Almonds to reduce stress

We’re often snacking on nuts little realising that they have so many advantages. Amongst other things, almonds are known to reduce stress levels. They are rich in both Vitamin B2 and E – something that boosts the immune system to a great extent, especially during stressful times. However, make sure you eat only a handful at a time as almonds are also rich in fat.

foods that change your mood spinach 430x550

Spinach to beat those blues

Did you think that spinach actually had the power to make you happy? If you’ve been feeling blue lately, including spinach in your diet could be a wise idea. This leafy vegetable contains Vitamin B6, which keeps the homocysteine levels low. Confused? Well, homocysteine is nothing but an amino acid and high levels of this can be a major cause of depression. Moreover, this one also reduces symptoms of PMS. And aren’t we always looking to feel better during that time of the month? Girls, spinach is the ultimate solution to your problems.

foods that change your mood egg 600x400

Eggs for stay boost

Egg yolks are rich in Vitamin B, which convert food into energy. Besides we all know how eggs are the richest source of protein too. Now you know why most trainers suggest you take eggs after a rigorous workout session as exercise causes muscle breakdown. It is this time that we need to boost our energy the most.

foods that change your mood banana 600x400

Bananas to get alert

Bananas are rich in potassium, which energises the brain thereby making you more alert. If you’ve been suffering from concentration issues, a banana a day could be a great way to fix this problem. What’s more, they also contain magnesium, which makes you more focussed. Such a powerful fruit, isn’t it?

foods that change your mood sugar 600x400

Sugar to control anger

It is said that sugar is one of the best ways to beat anger and temper. Glucose slowly arrests aggressive behaviour and provides more self-control. Research suggests that in order to avoid aggressive impulses, you need self-control, which is drawn only if you have ample energy. Sugar is known to provide that energy level to the brain. So the next time you feel you’ve been blowing your lid often, just have a spoonful of sugar.