Summer is a tricky time to work out a diet chart that suits your health and the heat alike. It is that time of the year when just ‘healthy food’ won’t prove sufficient for your system. You will therefore have to resort to cool foods over heaty foods for a balanced summer diet. Here is listing a few cool summer swaps for you to indulge in.

foods to keep you cool this summer low fat dairy 600x400

Low fat dairy

While indulging in milk products too much during summers might not be a good idea, you can’t totally do away with your milk intake either! This is when you can suffice your milk intake with a cool fruit shake. Also yoghurt specifically is said to make a good summer food. However, it is advisable you switch your full-fat dairy for low-fat dairy so you reduce any possible risk of blood pressure.

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Grains and legumes

The best cool food choices have got to be the grains and legumes for they are as healthy as they are cool. Barley, Tofu, Soy Bean and wheat bran are not just cooling agents but are also exceptionally healthy. Not only do these have a cooling and calming effect but are best for those that suffer from heaty constitution.

foods to keep you cool this summer leafy salads 600x400

Leafy salads

Toss in a salad bowl with lettuce, basil, coriander leaves or even mint. Throw in a yoghurt dressing, some fruits, nuts, white meat, sprinkle some pepper and you have made yourself a perfect summer meal. And yes, contrary to what you may think, pepper is actually cooling.

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Non- veg coolers

Next time you are craving meat in summers you don’t necessarily have to make do with the heavy duty red meat or white meat. This is the time when you can opt for cooler options like chicken eggs (the ones we get in the market anyway) that are considered neutral foods. Crab and raw fish are considered cooler meats and make better summer choices.