We’ve always been told that calcium is the most important nutrient if you want to maintain strong, healthy bones and teeth. More often than not, we reach out for a glass of milk for our daily dose of calcium little realising that there are plenty of other foods that can also provide our bodies with the same amount of calcium or even more. Want to know what these foods are? Read on.

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Sesame seeds

You’ve seen these in your burgers plenty of times but have you ever wondered if these tiny seeds help your body? Well, sesame is a rich source of calcium. Just a tablespoon of these seeds can provide you with as much as 88 milligrams of calcium. Besides supporting bone health, these seeds also reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. So go ahead, sprinkle some over a salad or add them to baked goods and get your dose of calcium.

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Soy Milk

We bet you’ve heard all the health gurus asking you to switch to soy milk, right? Well, that’s because soy milk is high in calcium and less calorific. Besides, this is the best way a vegan or a lactose intolerant person can get his dose of calcium. Milk is also higher in calories as one cup of milk contains 149 calories and 8 grams total fat. The same serving of soy milk contains 109 calories and 5 grams total fat. Just begin your day by adding soy milk to your cereal bowl and see how it helps your body.

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Oranges are known to be rich in Vitamin C but they are also a rich source of calcium. One orange provides almost 6 per cent of the calcium the average person requires in one day. Your nerves, muscles and blood vessels require a dose of calcium to function normally and one of the best ways to give your body calcium is through oranges.

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If you want to opt for veggies that will give your body calcium, go for broccoli. Just half a cup of broccoli contains a little over 20 milligrams of calcium. So if you wish to keep your bones strong and prevent diseases like osteoporosis, you will have to embrace broccoli in your diet. Moreover, this will also help you maintain strong teeth and keep other problems keep heart ailments at bay.

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One of the most nutritious nuts, almonds are packed with calcium. One cup of almonds contains 378 milligrams of calcium which is slightly more than a cup of milk. But make sure you have these in moderation as too many almonds add up to a lot of fat.