Dessert jars are totally the new thing on the block and we think they’re perfect for gifting. Baby showers, bachelorette, get-well-pronto comfort packages or a warm, fuzzy welcome some sentiment—a dessert in a jar fits the bill!

gifts in a jar strawberry shortcake 600x400

Strawberry Shortcake

An absolute summer favourite, this fresh, seasonal delight is perfect to romance your buds. All you’ll need to perfect this confectionary is boxed yellow cake mix, vanilla frosting, whipped cream, fresh strawberries and sugar. Bake the cake and crumble the mix into large chunks, mix together the frosting and whipped cream and spoon onto the cake, top off with strawberries and repeat until your jar is brimming with summery goodness.

Perfect for Gifting: “To my sister for her baby-shower, because it’s so cute!” says stylist Deepa Sajnani.

gifts in a jar sticky toffee pudding 600x400

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky, gooey and ooh-so-sinful, this one is one of our favourite treats of all time! A little bit of espresso, butter, eggs, flour, salt and brown sugar should do the trick.

Perfect for Gifting: “I’d give it to any of my friends who have been starving themselves because everybody deserves a little break” says our fabulous executive editor Girija Naiksatam.

gifts in a jar ice cream sundae cupcakes 600x400

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

Ice-cream, sundaes and cupcakes all packed together in an adorable mason jar—what more could a girl possible want? Place a cupcake liner in a jar, cream butter and sugar to a fluffy consistency—adding in eggs to up the fluff, next up treat it up with vanilla, cocoa, baking soda and salt, and then add in the flour, yogurt, and coffee. Pour the batter into the jar until its two-thirds full—bake, allow the cute little things to cool, top off with a dollop of frosting and some sensational sprinkles.  Yummy and pretty all in one!

Perfect for Gifting: “I’d take it as a gift for a dinner party, because it’s something you have to have when it’s fresh, so it’s nice to take personally instead of putting in a hamper” says ace Food Blogger Gitanjai Diwan from Bloggerganoush