We often indulge in our favourite foods little realising that if they are consumed during summers, they can cause some serious harm to the skin and system on the whole. Want to know what kind of food is leading to all the indigestion, acne and other problems? Here’s a list.

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Milk Products

Although dairy products like milk and paneer are considered healthy, too much consumption of this can lead to diseases. Try to not go overboard consuming them in the summers as they are known to generate heat, bring about digestion problems and can often lead to issues in bowel movements.

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Spicy cuisine

Yes, we love adding extra chilli flakes our foods not realising that consuming this, especially in the summer season can have some adverse effects on our body. Too many spices in your food can cause inflammation in the stomach lining leading to stomach disorders. Isn’t that reason enough for you to watch your intake of spicy food this season?

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Junk Food

Our food cravings almost always end up with us to ordering a burger or a pizza. But have you noticed how eating all of this leads to acne? Well, that’s because intake of oily and junk foods generate heat and further oil in the body damaging the skin.

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Non vegetarian

Non vegetarians, listen up. Consuming red meat, eggs or seafood increases the temperature of the body leading to gastritis or diarrhea. Moreover, heaty foods like these tend to flush out all the water from the system. So how about switching to vegetarian options for a while?