The herbs and spices that we get from plants around the globe add a world of flavour and zest to our recipes allowing us to create a fusion of flavours in our kitchens. Today, we bring you a masterclass in different seasonings that will enable you to spice up whatever cuisine you fancy.

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Italian Herbs

Too much of a good thing can only be wonderful and  that’s exactly how we feel about Italian herbs. Leonardo da Vinci once said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and that certainly holds true as far as Italian cuisine goes. Whether it’s a simple margarita with buffalo mozzarella or a bowl of pasta, you’ll never meet a dish you won’t love and these rock star herbs are the secret of that flavour.

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French Herbs

Herbs are the foundation of French cooking, and if there’s one thing French cuisine is known for, it is the high quality of ingredients in their dishes. What truly leaves a lasting impression in French plates are these stellar herbs and the finesse of presentation with which they are plated.

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Thai Herbs

The proper use in terms of a combination of herbs and spices is considered an art in Thailand—one that requires both skill and time. Something as simple as a sauce for a dish can take hours–between the grinding, tasting, making delicate adjustments—to finally achieving that perfect balance of flavour. Here are the herbs that’ll get you there.

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Mexican Herbs

There’s nothing quite like a hot, piping meal of rice, protein, spicy beans, guacamole and some salsa verde, no? From tacos to enchiladas to our favourite fiesta nachos, Mexican cuisine certainly packs a punch. Here’s taking a look at the green and red heroes that really bring that kick to the table.

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Japanese Herbs

Simple and wholesome—yet if there’s one cuisine that puts the fine in fine dining, it’s got to be Japanese. Take a look at some of their signature ingredients that truly elevates their food to whole new level of sophistication.

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Indian Herbs

It might be in our blood, but mastering the art of Indian cooking sure is no simple task. With each spice overpowering the next, a thorough understanding of flavour combinations is imperative. The balancing act of herbs and spices and letting local influences distinguish your dish is what it takes to create that perfect curry.

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Chinese Herbs

Defined by a blend of seasonings and spices, Chinese cuisine has given us some everlasting combinations—everything from chilli and garlic to schezwan-fused palpable dishes. Chinese food certainly give us that burst of flavour we so often crave. Here are the Chinese starlets that leave us salivating, once too often.