How Healthy Are These Common Breakfast Food Options?

Written by Shreya ContractorSep 20, 2018
How healthy are these common breakfast food options?
You've been having these foods for the longest time now, because they're either the easiest or the quickest breakfast available. But let's dig a little deeper into just how healthy these breakfast items really are. You’d be surprised to find out, just like you were when you found out just how many calories these fruits contained!

Butter toast


Calories: 115

The easiest breakfast option but also the most calorific one. And with a high calorific intake comes the urge to consume more calories. So this only becomes a repeat cycle.


Jam toast


Calories: 135

Having a jam toast for breakfast is tricky because you'll find yourself craving more sweet things, which you know isn't the best if you're trying to resist calories


Scrambled eggs


Calories: 195

A good way to skip the toast without skipping the eggs. Scrambled eggs or egg bhurji is how you filter out the carbs and take in only the proteins. That, and a few spices on top.




Calories: 319

Yes, the calories are higher, but so is the fiber content—which will only help you stay full for longer, and not crave random eats before lunch. So go ahead.




Calories: 69

That’s the amount of calories that two idlis contain with chutney! Yes, condiment included. Can you really think of a healthier breakfast option? We can’t.


Egg sandwich


Calories: 285

An egg sandwich gives you just the right amount of protein to get you started with your day if done right. So say yes to the sandwich, but skip the cheese (and refuse the butter too).




Calories: 270

Poha is light, easy to digest, tastes yummy (with the additional spices that only mom can add) and is filled with all the necessary carbs that your diet requires. Can’t say no to this!




Calories: 200

If you feel as strongly about a banana-mango smoothie as we do, then we’d say go right ahead because smoothies are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Not bad for every once in a while.

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