Nicole Richie has described herself as a juice fanatic while Rosie Huntington-Whiteley credits her curves to homemade concoctions. Closer home, Alia Bhatt and Jacqueline Fernandez are fans. With celebrities globally showing their love for juices, little wonder so many of us want to follow suit. But is juicing really healthy? Let’s find out how much juice is good for you...

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The good news: juicing does shed those pounds. Vegetable-based recipes with a dose of leafy greens make for the best juices. An apple, banana, or berries add flavour while a dash of nut milk or flaxseeds infuse proteins into your drink. If you find it hard to fix balanced meals, packing all the ingredients into a juice is simpler.

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If your idea of juicing amounts to guzzling tetra-packed varieties, stop right now. Bottled and packed juices often resort to artificial preservation techniques that strip them of beneficial pulp and fibres. Make sure you check the ingredients – better yet, find homemade or organic options.

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Fruits and vegetables lose their natural fibre when pressed through a juicer. Using a simple hand-blender instead will preserve the pulp to some extent. Also make sure you drink the juice as soon as it’s prepared. Once pressed, these beverages lose nutrients at an alarming rate.

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The best juices aren’t the most delicious. In fact, you might really have to acquire a taste for some of the recipes. Take your time and find the flavours you like, but never add sugar to sweeten your drinks.

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Juicing is healthy in moderation and supplemented by healthy diet. A juice cleanse might fit you into that bodycon dress, but will also leave you exhausted. Juices hardly meet our daily nutrient requirements and are no substitute for meals. Besides, severe diets can weaken your immunity and lead to harmful bingeing spells.