Ladies, Here’s Why Cranberries Are So Good For You

Written by Team BBJun 04, 2015
Ladies, it’s time to go shopping for cranberries! Why? Well, this one’s like a wonder fruit filled with benefits galore. They have very high antioxidant levels and can fight digestive system disorders, help you stay away from heart ailments and prevent UTIs. Ultimately, it makes your immunity so strong that no disease will come close to you. But unlike other healthy foods that are far from tasty, cranberries are absolutely delicious. And the good news is that there are so many fun and easy ways to include them in your diet. Want to know how that’s done? Take a look.

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The breakfast meal

Besides preventing UTIs (a very common occurrence in the summer), cranberries are brain boosters. They bring about a change in the way neurons in the brain communicate with one another. This process saves you from inflammations that lead to brain cell damage so eventually this fruit helps the brain function better. So if you want to think faster and want better memory, include these in your diet. If you don’t have the time to make meals with cranberries, we suggest you throw in some berries in your oats and milk breakfast. Lazy girls, there’s no reason to deny yourself this one!

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The healthy drink

Cranberries improve cholesterol components, which fight heart ailments in your body. The best way to include them in your diet is by making a juice with cranberries and carrots. You need ½ cup cranberries, 1 medium carrot and two ice cubes. Put all of these in a juicer and enjoy chilled. Instead of reaching out for the unhealthy aerated drinks when you’re thirsty, just go for this one.

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The dessert delight

Cranberries boost the immune system like nothing else. They are rich in beta-carotene which our body sees as Vitamin A that keeps you away from eye ailments and also boosts your immunity in general. So if you want to stay fit, there’s a tasty way to have them and that is in the form of a dessert. Just buy some low-fat yoghurt and throw in some dried cranberries and see how you relish this easy-peasy snack. So the next time you’re hungry and are tempted to munch of junk, remember this powerful snack.

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