On a recent trip to Delhi, we found ourselves craving Japanese food. And luck was in our favour. Turns out that Delhi’s restaurant scene is quite buzzing with new entrants filling the markets and all competing with each other in terms of taste, décor and uniqueness.

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The first day saw us visit Guppy by Ai – Another gem from the hat of restaurateur AD Singh. Guppy for an afternoon meal was an absolute delight. The quirky designs, the loud and playful colours along with the origami table mats makes the place so much fun and takes away the afternoon lethargy you might otherwise sink into. The loud, energetic music also pumps up the energy while you down a plate of sushi.

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But enough about the atmosphere. Let’s talk food. My veggie friends who normally shirk away from Japanese were thrilled with the choices presented to them. Right from the Edamame to the Rock Corn Tempura, each dish was delicious. The set lunch menu particularly caught their eye. Tried and tested, it was a filling meal and the vegetarians were 100 per cent satisfied.

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For non veggies, Japanese food is an absolute delight. Right from tuna, to salmon and even shrimp and pork belly….yum. What can we say! The California rolls and the Spicy Salmon Rolls were fresh and soft, the Prawn Tempura light and crisp and the Signature Black Cod was just too delicious to comment on.

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So satisfied were we that we had no place for dessert, but munched on the tiny chocolates served to us along with green tea for digestion. Ordinarily, after a heavy meal at lunch, you leave with less energy than when you came in. Not at Guppy. Here, you leave feeling upbeat and satisfied, with a spring in your step. A perfect afternoon experience.


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Photo credit: Guppy by Ai Facebook Page