Our Favourite Nutrition-Led Foods Trends Of 2018

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 16, 2023
Our Favourite Nutrition-Led Foods Trends Of 2018

Each year we see nutritionists and health experts introduce new trends and innovations to the industry.

Last year, the trends were big on apple cider vinegar and Buddha bowls; this year the focus is on natural nutrients.

Here's a roundup of the biggest healthy nutrition foods trends of the year.


Trend #1 Protein from the plant


While animal protein has ruled the protein world for the longest time, this year plant protein is being considered a better option. Plant-based proteins like green peas, lentils, chickpeas and beans are less susceptible to contamination and cause less inflammation in the body when compared to animal protein.

Rejoice, vegetarians!


Trend #2 Amaranth, quinoa’s Indian cousin


Quinoa has been big in the nutrition world for a while now, but since it isn’t all that easily available in India, nutritionists have introduced its Indian alternative this year—amaranth. Amaranth much like quinoa is a seed, is gluten-free and contains key vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Move away multigrain, it’s time to relish amaranth cookies and crackers!


Trend #3 No preservatives, please


This one is a perfect millennial nutrition trend! We are a generation that is forever hard-pressed for time and yet, we like to eat healthy. This makes the food packed without preservatives perfect for us. 100 percent organic food, blast frozen to preserve its nutrients, packed to serve is going to be huge this year.

Time to binge on those frozen berries, then!


Trend #4 Do away with artificial sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners have caused enough harm to us over the years but finally, there has been a realisation that has brought natural plant-based sweeteners into the limelight. Dates, for example, are high in sugar but also high in vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Too bad, Nutella! Jaggery and dates are the new sweeteners in town!


Trend #5 Ghee


Ghee is the one nutrition trend that is always going to be on the block. It’s an integral part of our tradition, and is packed with beneficial nutrients and fatty acids that are important for our health.

It has been found that ghee is free of lactose and has linoleic acid instead, which is said to reduce body fat.

Clearly, grandma was right about those ghee-laden parathas being good for us!

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