Say Yes To Froyo—The Best Fixes In Town

Written by Manasi RawalgaonkarMay 27, 2014
Dessert was never meant to be healthy. But in today’s fitness-conscious world where every calorie counts, eating dessert is nothing short of taboo. However, when you’re craving something sweet, and also want it to be healthy, what do you do? The answer to that is frozen yoghurt. It’s sweet, cold, satisfies your taste buds and yet, doesn’t have the calories that a hot fudge sundae would! The fact that it contains probiotics (healthy bacteria that aid in digestion and boost the immune system) makes frozen yoghurt healthier and more appealing. Froyo, as it is now called, also makes for a great and filling snack. But a word of caution here—overloading it with those tempting toppings isn’t the healthiest option. So go easy on the double chocolate-chips, cheesecake bites and hot caramel!

These days most metros are host to hundreds of frozen yoghurt parlours. Cocoberry is arguably known as the first to have introduced frozen yoghurt to Indian consumers. And while it offers interesting flavours— such as green apple, kiwi and berry blast—they aren’t exactly unforgettable.
USP: The yoghurt is smooth and well-textured and can be chosen with a wide variety of toppings.
Rating: 3 out of 5


Yoghurt giant Pinkberry made a sparkling debut with six signature flavours (chocolate, original, green apple, pomegranate, salted caramel and mango) of which green apple and pomegranate rule the taste charts. Tart, cool and absolutely refreshing, these two flavours will definitely have you coming back for more.
USP: Impeccable taste, a fabulous green apple flavour, tons of toppings and the space to sit and eat.
Rating: 4 out of 5


Yogurtbay boasts of creative flavours such as green tea, blueberry cheesecake, acai berry and apple pie along with the regular mango, strawberry and chocolate.  It’s the closest you can get to eating smooth, creamy ice cream without the trappings of the calories.
USP: A plethora of toppings, rich and creamy yoghurt and a variety of flavours.
3.5 out of 5

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