When we first heard about the moringa plant, we’ll admit, we severely underestimated it. But the more we researched, the more we realised why it was being heralded the new superfood. And we’re convinced; with all of its benefits (and there are more than a 100 of them, it truly is super! To get you started, here’s a quick nutrient glossary about this amazing plant and why it should be on your list too.

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More calcium than milk
The calcium content of the moringa leaves is four times more than that present in milk; something that gives it it’s superfood status. That’s why it’s most recommended for consumption by women who are more prone to bone diseases such as osteoporosis as they age.

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More protein than eggs
If you’re on a diet and looking to build muscle, moringa leaves make an apt addition. The protein found in the leaves is twice as much as that in milk and significantly more than eggs, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians.

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More iron than spinach
A deficiency in iron can result in a serious case of anaemia, a constant threat for all menstruating women. The leaves of the moringa plant are loaded with iron, so much so that their iron content is thrice as much as that of spinach!
On a side note, does Popeye know? We think he could do with a change.

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More Vitamin C than oranges
Vitamin C, one of the most important nutrients required by your skin to create collagen (responsible for ageing) is also found in moringa leaves. You’ll be surprised to know but these leaves have seven times more Vitamin C in them than oranges. Beat that!

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Fighting acne naturally
Moringa leaves are widely known for their beautifying properties. A paste made from these leaves can be applied on the face to get rid of impurities and acne, rejuvenate skin and deal with that tan. Since its medicinal value also helps to purify the skin, it makes for a natural remedy for all skin types.

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Stimulate blood circulation for hair growth
Since moringa leaves are also rich in minerals and vitamins, they’re often used in hair remedies. Boiling these leaves in water, allowing them to seep and then using the same water in your bath can help increase blood circulation to the scalp and improve your hair’s texture.