As you crawl closer and closer to D-Day, it’s a given that the one thing you’re seeking is a flawless wedding day look and the secret to that starts with a glowing complexion. Some of the biggest names in the industry will tell you that a perfect bridal look begins and ends with a clean, clear and polished complexion. Today, we’ve got you our list of six superfoods that are going to keep you looking in top form, right in time for the wedding.

6 foods to add bridal beauty diet for glow fresh salmon 430x550

Fresh Fish and Good Old Dose of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

What you’re looking for in a bridal diet are foods that are known to be anti-inflammatory. This means that you want to up the intake of foods that allow your body to maintain steady levels of insulin and blood sugar. In other words, you need high-quality proteins such fresh fish, poultry and tofu. Salmon and other cold-water fish are guaranteed to give your skin a good glow. If these types of fish are unavailable to you—opt for local produce and supplement it with Omega-3 Fatty Acid capsules.

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Whole Grains and Legumes

Peas, pulses, whole grains, lentils—these are all foods that fall into our normal, everyday ghar ka khaana food group and are also foods that are rich in proteins. A week before your wedding, try and include dals in your daily diets. Moong dal is known to have minimal calories and is also a rich source of iron and potassium.

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Herbal Teas

Drinking antioxidant rich beverages, such as rose tea or green tea will give your body the moisture it needs, supress your appetite and help your body metabolise stored fat. In addition, an increase in water intake will reduce fat deposits and the antioxidants present in rose tea will tone, relax and moisturise your skin.

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Green Apples

Pick green apples over red apples as they contain less sugar, more antioxidants and are associated with increased levels of weight loss. Plus, green apples contain Quercetin, which is a fortifying flavonoid which calms sensitive skin. Finally, make sure you don’t peel off the skin of the apple as that is where all the treasure (read: nutrients) lies.

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Green Smoothie

While no one will dispute the fact that eating fruits and vegetables always trumps the juiced versions—it’s important to note that smoothies made from fresh vegetables are also a great source of nutrients that will give your skin that added sheen. If you can, combine a spoon of Green Magma to your smoothie. This is essentially powdered green barley to give your body a healthy dose of probiotics and antioxidants that will strengthen your skin.

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Dark Chocolate

Avoiding sugar and anything processed is a given, but we can’t deny that the sweet-treat cravings hit us hard, especially during times of stress. For this reason—we recommend that you stay away from any super-sweet sugary delights (you can sparingly indulge in those during your honeymoon), and for now stick to good quality, dark chocolate to satiate those salivating taste buds. Enjoy a piece as is or sprinkle some dark chocolate shavings on yogurt and you’ve got yourself a yummy treat that’s wedding friendly.