Feeding people has always been a vital part of her life. Having people over for food has long been a tradition for founder Sneha Nair, which is why, when the idea of Poppaddum surfaced, it came as no surprise to her friends and family. An Economic Researcher by day, this foodie reserved the weekend for her passion— cooking for people. It was on one such weekend, that she decided to invite a few friends over for a traditional Sadhya—also known as a village banquet, which in essence is an elaborate vegetarian meal, when the concept of Poppaddum was born. Read on and find out what influenced Sneha to start this project, how it has surpassed all her expectations, what she considers as good South Indian cuisine and lots more!

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On how the idea of Poppaddum first took shape…

I have been a couch surfer for four years and have hosted people from all over the world. The experience of meeting people from varied backgrounds, who may have completely different outlooks on life has always been an enriching experience and something that I cherish greatly. A concept that could somehow merge the thrill of cooking with this feeling could only be a good thing, I thought, and so Poppaddum came into life.

Pictured here: Brunch at Poppaddum

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On what she envisioned Poppaddum to be…

What I envisioned Poppaddum to be and what I expected out of this experience was nothing compared to what it has now become. Poppaddum is a celebration of food and friendship. Being able to come and experience some good old ghar ka khaana with some new and potentially very interesting company is what Poppaddum offers.

Pictured here: Freshly baked banana chips—Kerala style.

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On her menu…

Being Malyali, I love my fish fry and chor meen curry and I know that there is a lot more to South India food than idli and dosa. From an 11 item banana leaf spread to Malabar and Syrian Christian Keralite meals, the menu is ever changing so that you can always come back for more. This is my way of sharing recipes from amma’s kitchen with as many people as possible.

On her favourite South Indian dishes…

There are a variety of dishes that I love in Keralite food. The Meen Moilee (a type of fish curry), Aapams, Addu Stew (mutton stew), pickles – the list really is endless…

Pictured here: A banana leaf plate of food that you can expect at Poppaddum

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On the idea behind her venture…

The idea behind Poppaddum is to engage two main concepts: good food and good people. We hope that the concept keeps evolving as and when we move forward.

Pictured here: Home-made coconut chutney.

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What you need to know to perfect South Indian cuisine in your kitchen…

Understanding the ingredients is of utmost importance. Freshness and simplicity makes up the essence of South Indian food.

Pictured here: Pineapple Pacchadi

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On the response she gets by inviting strangers to eat a meal at her house…

The response is great. It’s very comforting to “break bread” with absolute strangers who are bound by their love for good food and good people. Your closest friends start out as strangers sometimes.

Salivating already? Here’s how you can make your booking…

My services are open to everyone—my brunches vary from ₹800- ₹1,000. We also cater for private parties where the idea is to look for a different food experience and not just simple party food. I will be also starting cooking classes soon.

For more information you can write in to poppadum@gmail.com

Pictured here: A buffet of food offered at Poppaddum’s Sunday brunch.