Souping—The New Diet Trend Everyone Is Trying

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 25, 2018
We all have that friend who is always attempting to lose weight. They make sure to include the latest superfood in their tiffin, always inquire about weight loss tips and keep a keen eye on the latest diet trends to hit the scene. While your friend might have followed the juice detox diet or even chosen a protein rich smoothie for lunch, souping, the latest diet trend is a far cry from any of these.

souping dieting tips

While most diets might have you fleeing in terror, this one might have you flocking to it. Popularly known as souping because of the intake of soup, this new trend in the health and food sphere has found worshippers in celebrities like Mariah Carey and Liz Hurley. The best part about souping is that is doesn’t involve any rare, expensive ingredients and it will not require you to alter your life drastically.

souping dieting tips

So what’s the big deal about the souping craze?

In comparison to its counterparts of juicing and detoxing, souping is healthier and less restrictive, making it easier to get behind. Unlike juices, soups are not necessarily solely liquid; they can include a variety of vegetables, meats and dry fruits. Since they make one feel fuller for longer, this soup trend trumps all others. No wonder souping has become such a craze that the health conscious are adding it to their dieting tips.

souping dieting tips

So what’s the best way to get on board the souping trend? For starters, since it for the purpose of health and your diet, make sure your soup ingredients are healthy. That means, no fried croutons, no dollops of butter and most importantly, no cream based soups. The soups that you consume are meant to be light. This season, protein bone broth is a popular option since it is rich in gelatin, nutrients and tastes delicious with a few veggies in the mix.

There’s another great reason why souping is king. Soups are more wholesome than juices because of their ingredients and because they contain much more fibre, protein and nutrients. That makes it the perfect replacement for a meal or a light snack in between.

So if you’re looking to get your diet back on track, go for variations of soup for your next meals and inculcate souping as part of your lifestyle.

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