Sweet, spicy and full of added spunk and flavour—Moroccan cuisine is the way to go for your next dinner party, this holiday season. Moroccan cuisine is unfortunately a type of food that is yet pretty undiscovered and unappreciated in the subcontinent, which is why we want to bring it right up to the forefront and on your dinner plate. Robust with the likes of juicy dates, fresh produce and vibrant colours, adding this element of excitement to your dinner party will certainly be one to write home about. Plus, Mediterranean food is known for its health benefits and refreshing nature. Read on to find out—from the cocktails to the entrées and even the tartlets—everything that you should be serving at your Moroccan buffet.

moroccan dinner menu star anise cocktail 430x550

The perfect drink to welcome in and entice your guests: A Star Anise and Cinnamon Cocktail—which needs no more than five minutes of prep time. A delectable combination of sweet syrupy goodness married with the flavours of lemon juice, orange peel, cinnamon and star anise, is what really gives this beverage that kick of surprise. With a splash of orange liqueur (Grand Mariner), you can create a delicious, zesty cocktail that will leave your guests making their way for round two.

moroccan dinner menu beetroot hummus 430x550

If for nothing else but to add a pop of pink to your Moroccan spread—this Beetroot and Chickpea Hummus will be worth the effort. Set in a glorious shade of fuchsia, served with warm pita—this hummus is all you need to get the party started.

moroccan dinner menu grilled halloumi 430x550

Halloumi is a traditional Mediterranean cheese made with sheep’s milk. In texture, halloumi is similar to firm mozzarella, but unlike mozzarella it has a strong salty flavour, which makes it a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking. Grilled and set atop a salad or accompanied by sweet, warm honey and served as an appetizer—this is one dish you definitely need to include in your menu.

moroccan dinner menu fish pastilla 430x550

This delicious phyllo-crusted pie stuffed with white fish, almonds and herbs is a great dish to serve right before your main entrée. This pie is known to combine sweet and salty flavours, which is what makes it a raging hit. A combination of the crisp layers of the crepe-like dough, savoury meat slow cooked in a spicy broth and topped with a crunchy layer of toasted and ground almonds, sugar and cinnamon makes for a dish that is full of delicious flavours and lip-smacking textures that make it an instant party favourite.

moroccan dinner menu lamb meatballs 430x550

Moroccan spiced lamb meatballs are easy to make and taste delicious when served on a bed of couscous and fresh, grilled vegetables. Seasoned with garlic and ginger, this is an easy-to-make item for a dinner party, that’ll make for some scrumptious and filling finger food.

moroccan dinner menu roasted carrots 430x550

Moroccan bulgur, quinoa and chickpeas are the ingredients of a healthy, fresh and wholesome vegetarian entrée at your soiree. With the simple idea of dressing and experimenting with this orange veggie—you’ll be creating a carrot sensation at your do.

moroccan dinner menu tagine 430x550

Give your guest’s taste buds a Moroccan adventure with this lamb tagine served with couscous and olives. You can also use boned chicken thighs instead of lamb if you prefer. Tagine is named after the earthenware in which the dish is cooked, but you can use any clay pot to create this dish. Slowly looked with sticky prunes, chickpeas and squash—there are many way to elevate the status of this delicious dish.

moroccan dinner menu honey cookies 430x550

Halwa Chebakia is a Moroccan sesame cookie coated in honey. In other words—we’ve just found you the perfect dessert for your Middle Eastern feast. They look delectable when laid out on a platter and taste of crunchy, sticky, sweet-as-heaven goodness; a yummy pairing with a glass of tea.

moroccan dinner menu fruit tea 430x550

Which brings us to our finale: a glass of sweet fruit tea seasoned with spices, which will make for the perfect end to a fabulous night of Moroccan delicacies and what is sure to be spectacular conversation.