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Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 08, 2016

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As summer sets temperatures soaring, it is time to play things cool. While we’re sure you take all the necessary summer care and pick the right outfits, make-up et al, do not forget to also alter your food intake. Here are a few summer staples you absolutely need to stock your fridge with…

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Raw mango pulp

An Indian summer staple, Aam Panna is a precious steal straight from your grandmother’s kitchen. Grind raw mango into pulp, add on appropriate spices and herbs and refrigerate the paste. You can stock this mixture in your fridge for as long as you please. Mix in a spoonful of this paste to chilled water, stir in and tada – your aam panna is ready.

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Date paste

Like we’ve said before, avoiding sugar and switching it for healthier alternatives is always a wise choice to make irrespective of the season. Date Paste is a wise swap for sugar and works for almost all your recipes, more so with baked goods. Date paste is a pretty versatile sweetener when it comes to summer drinks and desserts.

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Chia seed drinks

Soak Chia seeds in water and allow them to fluff up. Once the seeds have turned soft and fluffy it’s time to freeze the mixture into ice cube containers. Now you can add any flavoured syrup and melt in these cubes for a refreshing summer drink.

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Broth or Stock (vegetable, chicken)

It’s common knowledge that you should steer clear of eating too much oily food during the summer. That’s why chicken or veg stock/broth makes an excellent replacement for oil. You can make an array of recipes with it including veggies, meat, soups, and even pastas and salads. Stock is more flavoured than water and adds moisture without adding extra calories.

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Frozen Bananas

Take a few bananas let them ripen then peel them and store them in a freezer bag. How you can use this you ask? There are several ways - break a banana in half and toss it with ice and low-fat milk in the blender and you have made yourself a banana smoothie (there can be several combinations to banana smoothies). You could also add a tablespoon of peanut butter on a frozen banana half and relish it for a summer sweet.

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