Let us paint you a picture: you’re at work or at home or out with the girl gang, you’re back on that same old PPT or you’re lazing around the house to the tune of London Thumakda—either way let’s face it—life is getting a little mundane and the routine is causing you to face a serious case of slump. What better than a good old spoonful of our trusted kitchen-staple Nutella to add that sunny to your day? Here’s the yummiest slide of chocolate goodness that is sure to make you drool!

black forest cupcakes with almonds 430x550

Nothing quite like a freshly baked batch of black forest cupcakes topped with crunchy roasted almonds and Nutella. YUM.

bread with nuttela cream spread  430x550

If you’re not really in the mood for something super fancy, drive over to your favourite bakery, pick up a crusty artisan French baguette, spread on a delicious dollop of Nutella and you’re good to go.

buns with nutella chocolate cream and nuts  430x550

If you’re looking for something with a softer texture, spread on some Nutella on a bread bun, sprinkle on some extra hazelnuts and you’ll be well on your way to sweet heaven!

french toast with sliced bananas and chocolate cream nutella 430x550

No one likes a sweet breakfast better than the folks at BeBEAUTIFUL. And nothing screams sweet louder than French toast with sliced bananas and Nutella. If only we could make this a morning ritual!

freshly baked banana and chocolate nut bread with nutella  430x550

Our choice of a midday snack would be generous slice of freshly baked banana and chocolate nut bread with a side of Nutella.

nutella pralines hazelnut 430x550

Fuss-free, frill-free and fabulous: All you need is a spoon (preferably mid-sized) and a jar of Nutella (preferably king-sized!).

nutella chocolate chip cookies 430x550

Grab your little niece or nephew, two glasses of chilled milk and enjoy Nutella chocolate chip cookies.

nutella cream crepes 430x550

This is probably our favourite Nutella concoction. Done right, the French style it basically involves Nutella spread lavishly over some sugar-soft crepes. So good it almost hurts.

nutella crepe cake 430x550

Give your Nutella crepes a decadent makeover with a Nutella crepe cake.

nutella tea sandwiches 430x550

We’re so guilty of this tea-time snack—Nutella tea sandwiches—and if you’re feeling especially naughty spread on a thin layer of butter before. We know, we know—it’s a bit too much, but this recipe is fail-proof, girls!