Don’t we all agree that, apart from the culinary delights, our experience at a restaurant largely depends on the ambience and décor? No wonder that off late several restaurants have started paying close attention to their interiors. We’ve listed out 4 of our favourite restaurants whose décors we fancy. Take a look.

indian restaurants with best décor monkey bar 600x400 img

Monkey Bar, New Delhi

If you want to visit a magnificent restaurant, Monkey Bar in Delhi is the place to be. Its reflective glass pyramid structure—reminiscent of the Louvre in Paris, is bound to blow your mind. You’re welcome by exposed pipelines in vibrant hues that add all too much colour against brick walls. We also loved the chalkboard-like graffiti on the stairs that have renditions of the restaurant’s signature items on the menu. Now if this one’s not going to get you excited, we don’t know what else will!

indian restaurants with best décor terttulia mumbai 430x550

Terttulia, Mumbai

Popular Pune restaurant, Terttulia opened its doors in Mumbai only a year ago. Given the fact that the restaurant had won many hearts in Pune, it was only obvious that Mumbai’s food lovers would warm up to the interesting joint too. But besides the delectable food at this spot, it is the beautiful décor that will catch your eye. Tiny vintage pieces of decor, European mason jars, gorgeous chalk art, floral upholstery and rustic brick walls and an outdoor eating space—it’s all going to charm you just as much as their European and Mediterranean cuisine would.

indian restaurants with best décor kaidi kitchen 600x400

Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

Want a unique experience of eating in a jail-like set-up? Head over to Chennai’s Kaidi Kitchen. The restaurant’s enclosures look like large prison cells and even the waiters are dressed as jail superintendents while several others are dressed as “kaidis”. To add to the jail-like ambience, the cells have handcuffs suspended on them while toy guns have been displayed on the walls. Not everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re looking for something out of the box, this place could be it.

indian restaurants with best décor 70mm hyderabad 600x400

70 MM, Hyderabad

Bollywood fans, this is the one restaurant you ought to visit. With a décor based on the movies, this restaurant has walls adorned with some of your favourite film posters— Don, Bobby and Raaz to name a few. What’s more, the mannequins of many movie characters including the one dedicated to B-town’s favourite cabaret dancer, Helen, will surely get your attention.