The Maharaja Is In The House - A Mango Feast

Written by Nazneen JoshiJun 11, 2014
Indian summers boil down to one thing and one thing only, and that is truly delicious scrumptious mangoes. Here’s bringing you Café Infinito’s delicious mango spread. Corporate chef, Krishna Khetle tells us exactly what’s in his famed dishes that make them so delicious.

Fresh Mango and Passion Fruit Margarita

Mango and Cream

Start off your mango mania frenzy with this refreshing taste-shocker. Satisfy your fruity cravings with this bombastic flavour overload. Café Infinito’s Krishna Khetle tells us that this refreshing drink is a “perfect blend of zesty lime and mango. Perfect as a summer cooler.” ₹350


Mango and Chilli Risotto

Mango and Cream

This sweltering summer, there is but one silver lining and that is the king of fruits—and one way to take full advantage of the mango mania is through Café Infinito’s Mango and Chilli Risotto. Arborio risotto cooked in a smoked raw mango puree emulsion of honey and green chilli. Considering the café, Krishna adds, “Arborio risotto is an Italian short grain rice that has inspired me to cook it in a smoked raw mango flavour with fresh herbs and a perfect blend of honey and chilli—which goes great with the Indian palette.” ₹325.


Mango Panna Cotta

Mango and Cream

Nothing quite like a soft, creamy and pulpy mango panna cotta to end your meal on a sweet note! With every other eatery in town donning a mango cheese cake on their menu, this yummy dessert makes for a refreshing change. On the pairing, Krishna tells us that “the tropical flavour of ripe mangoes pairs beautifully with the soft and creamy panna cotta.” ₹190


Tender Coconut and Mango Salad

Mango and Cream

Stay healthy and on top of your game while still indulging in your favourite desi fruit with a pardesi twist with Café Infinito’s Tender Coconut and Mango Salad. Wholesome, nutritious, tender coconut and Alphonso mango dressed in fresh cream and topped off with roasted pine nuts—served in a green coconut shell. Delicioso! “Coconut is great for your health,” says Krishna, “Especially during the summer season and it makes for an innovative summer salad” he concludes. ₹250


Mango Baked Yogurt

Mango and Cream

For a dessert that hits the perfect sweet balance, we’d recommend the Mango Baked Yogurt available at Café Infinito. “This delicious chilled dessert is made with a combination of yogurt, cream, condensed milk and fresh mango puree”, says Krishna. Swap your heavily sweetened creams and syrups for this mildly sweet delicacy made from the goodness of yogurt and you won’t be left disappointed. ₹250


Mango and Lemongrass Iced Tea

Mango and Cream

If you’re looking to beat the Bombay heat—this is your weapon for mass destruction. Cool, fresh and delicious, opt for a Mango and Lemongrass Iced Tea on a lazy afternoon and you’ll immerse yourself in a realm of bliss. Letting us on his secret, Krishna reveals that he uses “chai-infused syrup to sweeten up the mango nectar and lemongrass juice.” ₹225


Mango and Cream

Mango and Cream

We know, we know—this one’s done to death. But we wanted to put it on the list anyway because as unoriginal as it may be, a good old serving of fresh mango and cream never fails to satiate the senses. Plus, Krishna tells us that it truly is Mumbai’s favourite. ₹190

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