If the Freakshake had its own motto, it would be, “Go big or go home” and if you feel the need to ask why, a long hard look at its likeness will speak for itself.

It all started at a Pâtissez in Canberra, Australia which is owned by mother-daughter duo Anna Petridis and Gina Petridis, who began offering the epic beverage for sale at their cafe. The decadent combination of food and beverage soon caught on quickly on social media and created an uproar, which brought in the popularity for the tiny cafe in the national capital.

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At its very essence, the Freakshake is an extreme version of a sinfully rich milkshake which is garnished and served with dessert accompaniments. The founder of the Freakshake, Pâtissez, serves them in a variety of delicious flavours like a Nutella Salty Pretzel Shake as well as a special edition Christmas freakshake, for all of which, the ingredients are baked in house. Their popularity has reached such a great extent that the 30-seat cafe couldn’t contain all its customers, with some of them even waiting for upto 45 minutes to grab the coveted freakshow of a dessert-beverage. Soon enough Freakshakes began popping up in Sydney, Melbourne and even the UK.

So while we may not have as easy access to a Freakshake at a nearby cafe, this freakshake recipe comes close enough so try it at home yourself.


Chocolate Brownie Freakshake

Chocolate Brownie Freakshake

What you need (to make 2 servings)

125 ml chocolate sauce or ganache
400 ml milk
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
Additional 125 ml of chocolate sauce or ganache to garnish the glasses with
Additional 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream to garnish the glasses with
Whipped cream as required
2 portions of a chocolate brownie (baked or ready made)
A handful of marshmallows


Put the chocolate sauce, milk and ice cream in a blender and mix well. Spread the additional ganache on the inside of the glasses and around the rim of the glass. Add the additional scoop of vanilla ice cream to each glass and pour the chocolate milkshake over it. Over the chocolate milkshake, pipe in the whipped cream till the rim of the glass and top it with a brownie and a marshmallow. Place a straw in your glass and enjoy!

Recipe Credits: 2 Hungry Guys, Good Food Ireland, Domino