This Holi Make Thandai With A Twist

Written by Mili SemlaniNov 11, 2016
The festival of colours is one day away, and like any other Indian festival, food and drink form a big part of all the excitement. You don’t have to paint your hands and faces red to enjoy the lip-smacking delicacies specially made at the time of Holi. The traditional favourite, Thandai, is a creamy, milky drink with almonds, saffron and spices best served chilled. So whether you’re playing with colour or not, chugging on glasses of Thandai is a must. Of course, if you aren’t a milk and almond person, these modern twists will appease your palette.

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Dark chocolate Thandai

Urban tastes have taken a U-turn with the increasing consumption of dark and roasted coffee and green teas that are far from sweet. A dark chocolate thandai will adequately cut down the sugar content for those of you watching your waist and your weight. And all those mood elevators in the dark chocolate will kindle just the perfect, happy frame of mind enough for you to revel in the spirit of the festival.

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Thandai Cookies

Save all the trouble of cooking on the day of Holi. These pre make-and-bake cookies can work for all, young and old alike. Just like any regular cookie these crispy biscuits don’t need much effort. Simply add a wholesome amount of the thandai spice mix easily available in the market to your cookie dough for the much needed Holi punch. Easy to serve and eat, they will save all the cleaning up.

this holi make thandai with twist mousse 600x400

Thandai Mousse

Creamy and rich, the mousse has almost transformed the way we cherish desserts. Thanks to its versatility it can blend with any flavour and adapts well to both, modern and traditional ingredients. Simply adding the spicy thandai paste to the light and smooth texture of mousse will make it a Holi special.

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