A good meal becomes great when you have a saucy story to accompany it. If you, like us, are road-trippers who enjoy the journey as much as the destination , then ride along with us as we take you to three dhabas across India that must feature on your wishlist for an experience of a lifetime. Join us along with food blogger Ashrita (www.caramelwings.in) as we reveal the most palatable pit-stops.
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Bharawan da Dhaba (Amritsar)
For all you vegetarians touring in and around Amritsar, Bhrawan Da Dhaba is the dhaba you don’t want to be missing if you’re looking for the best in local cuisine. Even those who think Tandoori Chicken is the quintessential Punjabi dish will be amazed by the delicious vegetarian fare on offer here. 

Ashrita’s Bite: “This place is the new hot spot for lip-smacking delicacies that translate the love for Punjab into edible art on your plate! A must-visit in Amritsar.” 

Must-Haves: Amritsari Kulcha , Poori Chole, Amritsari Thali
Price Range: ₹124 - ₹310

Moolchand Parathe (Delhi)
While Parathewali Gully has been in travel news across the globe for the wholesome dishes it serves up, we dish out a completely new place for those who like to tread the road less travelled. Moolchand is the ideal late night, post-party, finger-licking melting pot for the masses and classes.

Ashrita’s Bite: “Located under Moolchand Flyover in South Delhi, Moolchand Parathe is a small stall that is buzzing with a constant crowd comprising all classes, from the daily wage workers to P3 party people who are looking for a bite after a mad night of dancing. I have come across waiting lines outside this place even at 3 a.m.! Must try the anda paratha!”  

Must-Haves: Onion,  dal,  aloo, gobhi  and paneer   parathas
Price Range: ₹100 (for 2 people)

Jai Ambika Dosa Stall (Mumbai)
Known for their range of dosas including the famed American chop suey doas , this shack, located at the curb of Juhu beach, is one you definitely want to stop by.    

Ashrita’s Bite: “If dhabas were South Indian, this would definitely be one of the best around! The Pizza Dosa, Gini Dosa and the Noodle Dosa are a must try. The pav bhaji and tawa  pulao are also very nice!” 

Must-Haves: American chop suey and pizza dosa
Price Range: ₹200 (for 2 people)