It’s halfway past December, we are almost stepping in to the year-end party season and we all know what that means; it’s time to revel in the Christmas and New Year celebrations with friends and family. It’s time to make merry, drink and eat the seasonal delicacies, and, as the rule goes, no winter party is ever complete without the loyal Old Monk! While we are sure you are going to relish your favourite rum, here are some unconventional ideas to build around that glass of Old Monk and let it jazz up your year-end party scene still further. Go ahead and claim your December with these Old Monk variations.

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The winter night’s drinks

What can be more comforting than a warm rum drink on a cold winter night? We’re exploring two such Old Monk variations to keep you warm this winter season…

Old Monk Espresso

An apt winter drink, the rum espresso is extremely simple to make. All you need is to pour in 60mls of espresso in a cocktail shaker, mix in half the quantity (30ml) of Old Monk in it, add 2 teaspoons of condensed milk and shake it well.

Hot Chocolate Monk

Another very winter variation of Old Monk can be the hot chocolate monk. A combination of old monk and hot cocoa mixed in whipped cream and sugar is the simplest possible way to pep up your Old Monk and turn it into a comfort drink for an indoor dinner kinda night.  So cozy up, stir, sip and repeat!

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The new house party staples

Nothing says party like a night with friends coupled with some cocktails! So go ahead and mix in about a cup and a half of Old Monk in a tangy fruit juice (add a couple of juices if you so like), add just about that much of lemon and cranberry juice and that should do the trick! Add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well, then throw in some soda and stir again. And there is your rum fruit punch, serve with ice at a night in with your gang!

If you are one of those that like to drink with your family then this might be an apt family drink for you. This simple combination of Old Monk and cranberry juice can make for a perfect family dinner drink considering this is basically a combination as nice as rum and coke except with cranberry juice.

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Crumble that cookie

These rum and raisin cookies might just be the most delicious thing you will do to your Old Monk. Soak your raisins overnight in Old Monk and bring them out only when you are about to bake. In a large bowl mix together all the ingredients namely; flour, egg, sugar, soaked raisins and almonds with butter. Now get your hands into the bowl and roll up all the ingredients into a soft dough. Now plastic wrap the dough and refrigerate it for at least an hour, then flatten the dough into a thick even sheet, cut it into cookie size bites and bake at 180 - 200 C for 15/20 mins.

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Eat your cake and have it too

We can’t wait to try this Old Monk cake because what justifies the festive season like a wholesome festive cake that is also laden in booze, huh? Be it a chocolate cake or a fruit cake; butter and rum together or rum and fruit together make lethal culinary combinations. This festive season go ahead and claim your desserts with a few added  mls of rum in your cake. For the chocolate cake you can simply add rum to your chocolate ganache while in the fruit cake you can soak your dry fruits and fruits in it and then add them to the cake mix.

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Savory and rum for the yum

Rum and cola laden chicken wings! The name of the recipe itself spells all things festive and it is not even that tough to make. Season your chicken wings in flour, garlic paste and salt, then fry them in a pan. For the sauce, mix in two spoons of butter, garlic paste and then add chili sauce, honey, rum and cola to taste, now let it simmer till nice and thick. Pour the sauce over fried chicken wings for a delicious treat.

*The rum and cola recipe above is courtesy chef Amrita Ramsinghani of Life ki Recipe.