While endless glasses of cocktails certainly make a party enjoyable, drinking games add a fun twist to a celebration. When you’re organising a party, you ought to keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with each other and not everybody is a social butterfly. So to keep things alive, you need to organise drinking games for parties. Want to know how you can play the perfect host? Here’s a list of the coolest games to play at a party.
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Mr. Freeze

Sounds like fun? Well, it is! You can totally play this game throughout the party. One person is addressed as Mr. Freeze. At any point while the party is on in full swing, he/she should freeze in one place. Everyone must follow suit and freeze too. But there will always be a last person who hasn’t done so and hence, is punished with a shot. This person then becomes the new Mr. Freeze.

Drink while you think

This one involves thinking and drinking. Excited? Well, in this game the first person names a celebrity (Ryan Gosling). The person on their left names a celebrity whose name begins with that star’s last name (in this case, Gwyneth Paltrow). The idea is to drink while you’re thinking of a name.


When talking about drinking games for parties, this one’s one helluva interesting game. Basically, the person on your right whispers a question in your ear. The answer to the question needs to be somebody playing the game (eg: Who do you have a crush on in this room?)You say the answer loud. But if someone wants to know the question, they need to drink!

Straight face

In this game, players write sentences in pieces of paper. But you need to remember that each sentence needs to read either ridiculous or super funny; the kind that anyone would have problems reading while maintaining a straight face. Each player has to choose a chit and attempt to read the sentence. If they giggle or even smile while reading, they must have a shot.


You need to sit around a circular table with everyone. There should be shot glasses on it. All the players need to put their heads down on the table. Count three and everyone must look up and stare at another player. If you happen to find yourself looking at someone who’s not looking at you, you’re in a safe spot! But if you are looking at someone who is also looking at you, you scream, “Medusa!” and take a shot before the other person. Ensure that you keep the game going till all the shots are over.