Experts Tell You How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Cake

Written by Nazneen JoshiSep 30, 2014
All you need is love and maybe a little cake—and there’s no quite occasion to really exploit that sentiment than your wedding day! With oodles of love making its way to your big day, it is officially time to get busy with the cake. To make your job easier,  we spoke to the experts in the field—everyone from professional pastry chefs to home-bakers, to find out exactly what you need to be thinking about as you craft the wedding cake of your dreams.

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On moving away from the traditional white wedding cake: By one of our favourite Pastry Chef’s, Alyssa Chesson

“Instead of the clichéd white wedding cake, one could opt for something different such as Naked Cakes, which are pared down creations that forgo an outer layer of buttercream so that the texture of the cake and the colours inside are put on show. Instead of using fondant or buttercream to cover the cake, these cakes are decorated with fresh fruits and flowers, giving them a more organic and rustic appearance. Christina Tosi, chef and owner of Milk Bar, really started this trend.”

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On the quintessential wedding cake by Home Baker, Nirali Shah

“A wedding cake, like every other detail at the wedding, should represent the couple somehow—whether that’s through flavour or decoration. The wedding cake generally takes the spotlight at the wedding, which is why I think it should represent or display an aspect of the relationship that it’s celebrating.”

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On why taste trumps all when it comes to your wedding cake by Gitanjali Diwan, Food Blogger

“We know that weddings are all about the cake. These days, cake makers showcase an array of different styles and designs using everything from fondant to buttercream to marzipan, but one should remember that the flavour and taste is just as important as the look. The old classic fruit cake isn’t the only option available, there are lists of flavours available to suit your fancy from pure chocolate to vanilla cream to even the recently famous salted caramel—so make sure that the final product really packs in a punch and tastes delicious.”

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On making a wedding cake really stand out by Chef Nicole Illa, Executive Pastry Chef, Grand Hyatt Goa

“The craftsmanship is what makes the cake stand out. The way you bring in beauty to every detail, be it the flower curves in a traditional wedding cake, or delicate royal icing work or creating a completely modernised cake that one has never seen before. The bakers’ passion gets translated in a beautiful wedding cake which makes it stand out.”

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On personalising your wedding cake by founder of Crumbilicious, Sanah Ahuja

“According to me, to add a personalised element, which holds significance to the bride and groom as a couple is quintessential.  It can be anything—from an edible frame with their picture or edible souvenirs of places where they first met.”

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On the one element that makes a wedding cake truly stand out by Guilt Trips’s Sheeba Hasan

“Not one but two elements—design and taste! Design in terms of reflecting the couple individuality. The cake is meant to express the theme of the wedding. Ornamentation is crucial to portray the unique feeling that is shared by the couple. Cakes can be adorned with anything from fresh flowers, to beads to fondant figurines—adding that something extra to make it stand out.  Secondly—taste, because often people forget that it’s a cake at the end of the day and it needs to taste as good as it looks, if not better. Careful attention should be given to what flavour would complement the frosting.”

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