What You Should Not Be Eating During The Monsoon

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 05, 2016
You were waiting for the rains all through the summers but now that they’re here and we’re heaving a sigh of relief, you also need to know that this is the season for several ailments and infections. So you must remember that there are certain foods that you absolutely need to avoid if you want to stay fit this season. Here’s the list.

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Leafy greens

We all know that leafy greens are filled with nutrients and boost immunity to a great extent. But what is also true of them is that they are highly susceptible to germs in the rainy season given the fact that they’re rather damp and moist. Germs attach themselves easily to such foods and even washing them enough doesn’t leave them absolutely bacteria-free. So it’s best to stay away from veggies like palak, cabbage and cauliflower.

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Cut fruits

Cut fruits left out for long can be dangerous for your system, especially in the monsoons. Whether kept out at home or on the streets, cut fruits when left exposed for long, come in contact with the contaminated air present in the moist weather.  We suggest you cut fruits and immediately consume them during the monsoons.

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As much you love seafood, you must know that monsoon is a breeding season for fish and prawns. Moreover, the waters collect mud and grime during this time making it almost impossible to find a fresh catch. So wait for the monsoons to get over if you want fresh seafood to treat yourself to.

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Fried food

Yes, we know this is the season to crave hot pakoras and vada pav. However, eating oily and fried food from roadside stalls is a big no-no as they as they are cooked in an open environment, which means they’re prone to bacteria and infections. Moreover, the humidity during this season can slow down our digestion thereby giving us upset tummies and eating deep fried foods from roads can be dangerous as they make us susceptible to water borne diseases all the more. So if you’re craving them, treat yourself to some yummy homemade pakoras!

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