Known and characterised by its burst of flavour—both sweet and savoury and its generous use of spices—wine is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think desi dishes. Well, we here at BeBEAUTIFUL are always looking to shake up the mix and we’ll never deny you your glass of vino. Here’s bringing you our favourite wine pairings for finger-licking-good Indian food.

Masala Dosa with Nero d’Avolo

<em>Masala Dosa</em> with Nero d’Avolo

Stuffed with spiced potatoes and onion, the Masala Dosa tastes absolutely delicious when paired with a glass of Nero d’Avolo. Home to Sicily—this wine perfectly complements the South Indian staple because of its sweet and plum flavours—giving off an almost peppery taste.


Lamb Vindaloo with Alentejo

Lamb Vindaloo with  Alentejo

Earthy, ripe and vibrant—a glass of Portuguese’s native Alentejo will offer your meal flavours of plum and black cherry that beautifully marry in the flavours of succulent lamb marinated in a traditional sauce served over a bed of basmati.


Palak Paneer with Rosé from Germany

<em>Palak Paneer</em> with Rosé from Germany

A Rosé from Germany is high in acidity and mineral quality—creates a delightful palate cleansing effect that cuts through the paneer making it the perfect glass to go along with a serving of palak or saag paneer.


Spicy Potato and Pea Samosas with Chablis

Spicy Potato and Pea  Samosas with Chablis

Pure in aroma and taste, this Chardonnay’s dry body pairs well with delicious hot and crispy samosas and chutney. Perfect to unwind on a lazy Sunday afternoon!


Chicken Tikka Masala with Syrah

Chicken Tikka Masala  with Syrah

Let me paint you a picture: soft, tender, boneless chicken—marinated in a robust, creamy, tangy sauce enjoyed over a glass of Syrah—dark-skinned grape, which makes for a great spicy red complement. Simply divine!