The 3-step diet that’ll increase your metabolism

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s impossible not to think about the latest miracle diet that’s on-trend and ponder about whether or not this is the one for you. Maybe you’ll try it for a week or two, maybe you’ll stick with it for the long run or maybe you’ll read about it, shrug and move on—either way BeBEAUTIFUL brings you this year’s most popular diet—The Metabolism Miracle.
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The 3-step guide

The Metabolism Miracle is a top diet that’s broken up into three steps, focusing on lean proteins and vegetables and cutting out refined sugars and carbohydrates; however, it does not require you to give up carbs all together, so relax! Diane Kress (Program Founder) claims that what sets this diet apart is the focus on metabolism. Kress stresses that “alternative metabolism” or Metabolism B is a genetic trait that makes it more difficult to overcome cravings and cause carbs to turn into body fat more readily. Hence, it is necessary for those with Metabolism B to overcome their disadvantage and reset their body to maximise weight-loss.

Metabolism B

If you tire easily, feel mildly depressed, experience energy slumps, feel anxious, crave carbs, gain weight easily, have racing thoughts, find difficulty in concentrating or have a short fuse—you are displaying symptoms of having Metabolism B. This means that you rarely succeed at following a traditional weight-loss diet, and even though science does not at this time support the claims of a second type of metabolism—it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

written by on Mar 31, 2014


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