Four Foot-Tapping Ways To Get Fit

Written by Sweta WaghJun 23, 2014
In 2014, we all started with a list of resolutions and the most obvious one was to get in the best shape of our lives. But the thing about resolutions is that, as is the case with most of the spoken word, they are easier said than done. You will, no doubt, find yourself being swayed by the sumptuous aroma of your favourite pizza and that decadent look of dark chocolate ice-cream. And even if you consider yourself a soft target, have you ever thought why most of your well-meaning friends falter so easily, year after year? The answer is rather simple: exercising is boring! And why should it not be? Whose idea of fun is it to trudge along on those dreadful treadmill machines, anyway?! Here are four amazing dance routines that will not only help you get in the shape of your life, but will also be addictively fun!
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Zumba is a non-stop cardio dance that features aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms to tone and sculpt the body. Class is usually set to upbeat Latin music, but occasionally you might hear a mix of Arabic, African or American beats too. The moves are a mix of salsa, belly dancing and hip-hop. What's great about Zumba is that it suits all ages — regardless of fitness level — and you'll be having so much fun, you'll forget it's even exercise.

Pole dancing has become the latest fitness trend across the world. High intensity pole exercises combine strength-based internal training and isometric muscle contractions that give your body a full workout. For those who think pole dancing is a sordid 
affair, you needn’t worry, pole dancing classes are not associated with any form of stripping, nor is it practiced in smoke-filled rooms. It is, instead,  a great way to strip away the pounds, build and tone muscles and increase flexibility!

Doing the Samba is a great way to keep your workouts fresh and lively. A session of Samba can improve your energy levels during the course of the day, help you stay in 
shape and even lose weight. Samba is a Brazilian dance that has been around for many years and involves using your legs and hips to move your body at a fast pace. Samba gives both aerobic and anaerobic benefits to your body, and this makes it a great workout regime!

You can travel the world and learn about other cultures, different forms of 
dance and train for years to get them right. Or you can do what comes naturally! Crank 
up that desi playlist and there is but one rule— that there is no rule. You can shake it like 
Kareena or Katrina, because a little birdie from Shiamak’s team told us that Bollywood
dance sessions are not only the most popular but also help you build your core strength and muscle better than anything else.

So go on, do the ‘Gandi baat’ and ‘Dhattin nach’!

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