5 Easy & Effortless Ways To Burn Calories

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 20, 2018
When it comes to going to the gym or gearing up for a run, you’re ready with a bunch of excuses. But we bet you didn’t know that it’s rather easy to take time out for a little exercise routine during your day even amidst a grueling schedule. Surprised? Well, here are small ways to exercise if you’ve always wanted the answer to how to get fit

Walk around while making calls

Take the stairs

Got a call from a dear friend you haven’t spoken to in forever? Get up, go outside and talk while in motion if you want to burn some calories. Oh and it’ll also give your eyes some rest from the computer!


Pick up that basket while grocery shopping

Take the stairs

Yes, we know you love to go for the trolley that helps you move around easily during grocery shopping but when you have barely a couple of things to purchase, pick that basket up. Remember how lifting in the gym does wonders to your body? A basket of groceries will work like weights, except that you don’t have to be at a boring gym for it.


Opt for the longer queue

Take the stairs

You’re shopping at your favourite store and it’s time to pay up. You’d naturally look for the queue with less number of people. But if you aren’t in a rush and will do little things for fitness despite a tiring day, make the wiser choice—go for the longer queue. An hour of standing can burn up to 50 calories after all.


Get down one stop ahead

Take the stairs

If you rely on public transport to get to work, make time for yourself and get off a stop early. It could take you ten minutes extra but anything to burn some calories while brisk walking, right? Oh and if you happen to be driving, make sure you park a little far from your destination. Sounds easy?


Take the stairs

Take the stairs

Did you know that walking up the stairs helps you lose belly fat? It also helps you build muscle and works your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. So make sure you choose the stairs over the elevator and give those lazy bones a challenge.

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