We’ve heard a lot about eating a protein rich breakfast, which is great for most non-vegetarians or even eggetarians because an egg can fulfil that protein requirement. But what do the vegetarians do? Here is our list of foods that are loaded with proteins that vegetarians need to add to their diet build muscle mass and be high on energy…

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Mutter paneer sabzi is something most of us relish! Eat it for your lunch with phulka rotis for a tasty and healthy meal that’s full of protein and good carbs. Paneer contains high amounts of casein that builds muscle mass while providing your body with its daily intake of protein. It also contains high amounts of calcium that helps you build stronger bones.

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Peanut butter

Blend yourself a peanut butter smoothie or sandwich for in-between meals or as a post workout snack. Just two spoons of the butter can have you set you for the day with 8gms of protein that keeps muscle breakdown at bay.

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A handful of almonds lead to more energy and strong muscles. They contain more protein than an egg and are also a great source of Vitamin B2 that produces oxygen-based energy in the body and Vitamin E that ensures supple skin.

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Soy milk

This is a good source of protein for those who suffer from lactose intolerance or dislike dairy milk. A glass of soy milk contains 6 to 10 gms of protein which is enough to give you a protein boost and jumpstart your day.

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Kidney beans

A rajma chawal meal is something we have been looking forward to since childhood. A single helping of kidney beans has 13 to15 grams of protein and is a great replacement for meat since it can provide ample protein to the body that promotes healthy skin and hair.