The joy of a photo-sharing website like Instagram includes the excitement of stalking interesting accounts and treating your eyes to some breath-taking visuals. And when they’re about unbelievable yoga poses, the excitement only doubles up. Well, if you truly want some fitness inspiration, you ought to see our Instagram yogis whose moves are sure to leave you awestruck. Want to know who these yoga stars are? Take a look.



You guessed it, right—@beachyogagirl’s USP lies in the fact that she teaches yoga on the beach! The sound of waves and scenic beauty—all come together to create some wonderful pictures while she shows off some unbelievable asanas on the sands. Oh and did we mention how this hottie has some amazing clicks of underwater yoga too! We bet you’re enrolling for a yoga class right after visiting her account, ladies!



Rachel Brathen aka @yoga_girl on Instagram is an instructor who focuses on Vinyasa yoga where the movements are in sync with the breath. The best part about her photos is that alongside the clicks, she almost always gives an inspirational quote on life that her fans love her for. Well, after seeing her svelte figure and coolest yoga moves, you are sure to want to train hard like her!



Tanvi, the founder of Tangerine Arts Studio, a Mumbai-based dance and yoga studio that teaches all the Mumbaikars to keep fit, has some praiseworthy Instagram posts. The girl who is herself a yoga instructor, takes great pride in teaching Ashtanga yoga at the studio. But Mehra is a far cry from the usual fitness enthusiasts because as much as she loves yoga, she also enjoys being a foodie and her Instagram account has some amazing photos of food too! Looks like this girl swears by eating all you want and then burning it out the healthy way!



Want to see the hottest yoga body? Go over to Amanda Bisk’s account! The surprise here is that the gorgeous girl started practicing yoga only three years ago and her bendy yoga poses today are winning her fans galore! Through her Instagram posts, the girl even admitted how yoga has changed her life and cured her from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an ailment where the feeling of fatigue never really goes away no matter how much you sleep or rest. Now if that’s not inspirational, then what is?



Laura Sykora’s dedication to yoga reflects in the fact that she almost never misses out on posting an instructive yoga picture every day on her account. Moreover, Laura also participates in Instagram yoga challenges that keep her followers feeling charged up. But you know what’s the best thing about her account? Her yoga sessions with her adorable daughter, whom she fondly addresses to as Mini. How aww!