We understand when you crave a bar of chocolate or peanut butter shake post workout. Most of us want to eat something sweet and tasty post workout because obviously, we’re hungry but more importantly, because we think we deserve a little treat after the great workout accomplishment. In order to make our workout more efficient we put together a list of 5 juices that are full of nutrition and bring back the lost energy. And yes... they taste amazing too!

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Workout: Cycling or a long run

Sip on: Coffee, banana and chocolate protein smoothie.
Make a supercharged smoothie that can help continue to keep your metabolism revving a bit longer by blending half a frozen banana, ¾ cup of almond milk, ¼ cup iced coffee, 1 scoop chocolate protein and ice.

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Workout: Dance, cardio or yoga

Sip on: Rehydrate yourself with a blend of 2 cups watermelon, half a grapefruit and stevia to taste. While watermelon rehydrates your body, grapefruit acts as an appetite suppressant and stevia adds a little sweetness to help balance the bitterness.

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Workout: Kickboxing

Sip on: A banana, almond butter and chocolate protein smoothie. After you chug some water give your muscle tissue the goodness of banana (carb), almond butter (a healthy fat that also helps cellular function and energy) and chocolate protein for muscle repair and a more result-oriented workout.

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Workout: Any indoor activity

Sip on: Make a glass of juice with crushed lychees, peaches, coconut water. Lychees give you an instant boost and coconut water helps you keep hydrated. A drink you could have anytime you are feeling low on energy!

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Workout: Weight lifting

Sip on: A protein and potassium rich shake made of oranges, almonds, sweet potato and apple. The protein in almonds helps build and repair muscles and the potassium balances your electrolytes and fluids.