Most people clock in their dietary requirements when it comes to fats and carbs, but always lag behind when it comes to the protein bit.  Necessary to build muscle in the body, protein is an often ignored food group, especially for those who work out. Here are five easy ways to give your meals a protein packed punch…

5 essential foods to add protein in your diet broccoli 430x550

Earlier considered a rather Western vegetarian choice, broccoli is now easily available at most vendors. Apart from the fact that it’s a powerhouse of iron, it’s also rich in natural protein with a cup carrying 5 gms of protein. Since there are so many ways to prepare it – from a simple sauté to a bake – there are no excuses to not add this to your diet.

5 essential foods to add protein in your diet eggs 430x550

One of the richest sources of protein, it’s no wonder that most vegetarians make an exception for eggs. Each egg has approximately 6 gms of protein and even though it’s got a bad rap thus far for increasing cholesterol levels, recent research suggest that it might be good for you after all. Its rich Vitamin D content also makes it excellent for bone health.

5 essential foods to add protein in your diet almonds 430x550

Apart from the multiple benefits of almonds that we have already talked about, these nuts also a super-rich source of protein. Just a quarter of a cup of almonds can give you more protein than an egg, making them an excellent snack between meals and post a workout.

5 essential foods to add protein in your diet dal 430x550

It’s a good thing that dals are central to our diet because just half a cup of lentils can give you about 10 gms of protein. They’re also abundant in dietary fibre as well as iron and when combined with roti or rice, make for what is essentially a complete meal.

5 essential foods to add protein in your diet fish 430x550

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fish (and other lean meats) will also provide your daily requirement of protein. About 100 gms of fish can give you close to 25 gms of protein. Another thing you probably didn’t know about fish? It’s also rich in iodine, which is necessary for good thyroid functioning and zinc, which is essential for a strong immune system.