As vegetarians, we’re always looking out for foods that can give us our requirement of protein. Tofu is one such food. A rich source of protein minus the fats, nutritionists often say that Tofu is even healthier than meat. Derived from soya, Tofu is prepared by curdling soya milk and then turning it into blocks after which it is cooled. It may have a strong resemblance to paneer but it is far more nutritional than that. If you’ve been wondering what makes Tofu oh so nutritional, here’s a low-down on the same...

Keeps heart diseases at bay

Keeps heart diseases at bay

Tofu contains isoflavones that have the power to reduce bad cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL level in the blood. Moreover, it raises the level of good cholesterol in the body ensuring that your cardiovascular health is in check.

Maintains blood pressure

Tofu contains bioactive peptides like glycinin and conglycinin, which are anti-inflammatory agents that can keep your blood pressure in check.


Aids weight loss

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Since Tofu contains very low fat content as well as low cholesterol, it helps you stay in shape. Moreover, the peptides present in Tofu prevent deposition of certain fatty acids as well as aid in burning fat.

Fights premature ageing

Soya milk and Tofu help in preserving the protein for your skin, collagen since it is rich in isoflavones. This is why when you start including Tofu in your diet, you will slowly notice a youthful glow on your skin.


Gives you healthy hair

Gives you healthy hair

Keratin is the hair protein required to keep your tresses long and strong. The good news is that Tofu can restore this protein to keep your mane healthy. Moreover, it also contains minerals like selenium that prevent hairfall.