5 Secret Healthy Diet Tips That Can Keep You Fit

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
5 secret healthy diet tips that can keep you fit
There is no food or fruit that can make you healthier overnight. Just like real beauty comes from within, same is the case with health. When you eat right, exercise, sleep enough and manage stress overtime; you will start looking and feeling healthy!  

Just remember, if you are eating in the right proportion everything is fine. Even if you are consuming fat, protein or carbohydrates; as long as it is the right amount, you are good!

Listed below are some important fruits, foods and drinks that will keep you healthy and fit. Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!



If breakfast is just a cup of tea, well then you won’t be able to have a healthy and fit life. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you must eat well. Oats for example are high on copper, zinc and niacin nutrients but still make for a filling meal.

If you are always on-the-go, then prepare your oatmeal bowl before-hand. Make different oats recipes every day!




Berries again have umpteen health benefits. It prevents sun damage and keeps your skin looking younger. Its fibre content also helps you feel full, this way you eat less in a day and lose weight gradually.

You can pack this in your tiffin, and munch on it whenever you are hungry while working, studying etc.


Detox water


If you are someone who constantly struggles to drink enough water, then this one is for you! Maximise the mineral content of your water by infusing it with mint, fruit pulps, lemon slices, cucumber et al. That way, whatever amount of water you manage to drink it will help you stay hydrated and help cleanse your system.




If you are a fish lover, then salmon sure will entice you! Salmon has many health benefits; like it prevents heart disease by lowering cholesterol, helps fight sun damage and makes skin supple. Also, Salmon helps with weight loss and reduces belly fat. Eat it once a week to see the difference.




It’s true that walnuts have high calories, but they are also rich in nutrients. It is high in fibre which can help you lose weight. Walnuts can even make your skin look younger and make you feel healthy. How you ask! Well the antioxidants in the walnuts slow down ageing while the vitamin E, zinc and selenium keep your nourished.

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