5 Type Of Good Fats Your Body Actually Needs

Written by Chandni GhoshMar 14, 2019
Most of us assume that fats are harmful to the body. But there’s a sharp difference between saturated and monosaturated fats. Saturated fats are the kind you need to beware of—these include sources like meat, butter and cheese. These fats are known to raise your total cholesterol and are used to prepare food that is highly calorific and also less in nutrients. On the other hand, monosaturated fats aka good fats are beneficial to the body. These fats reduce the risk of heart diseases, aid in weight loss and reduce belly fat. Wondering what these foods are? Here’s a list.

Peanut Butter


Ever thought butter could actually be good for you? When eaten in moderation, peanut butter could be a good option since it has no added hydrogenated fat as well as provides a beneficial balance of saturated and unsaturated fat. Moreover, it falls in the healthy fats food category because it gives you niacin, vitamin E and other nutrients. Also eating peanuts are known to decrease heart diseases as well as diabetes.

Food tip: Just smear some organic peanut butter on apple slices. You’ll get the goodness of apples as well as the butter.




The reason we’re including avocados in this list is because they’re a great source of heart-healthy monosaturated fat, which has the power to improve blood cholesterol levels and reduce the chances of heart disease. The best thing is that they’re packed with folate, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and fiber.

Food tip: Just grate some avocado, add it on top of multigrain bread and sprinkle some chilli flakes!


Fatty fish


Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines are known to be healthy fats. That’s because they’re loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that keep you away from heart ailments. Other than that, they’re rich in high quality proteins, which is extremely important for the body.

Food tip: If you can’t eat fish, try fish oil supplements that offer good fats. This is why some people rely on cod liver oil that derives almost a quarter of its calories from monosaturated fats.




You may not be aware but hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and peanuts all get their fat calories from monosaturated fats. Moreover, they’re also packed with proteins, fiber and vitamins. So the good news is that once you eat them, it satiates you and makes you feel full. This means that if you have almonds worth 100 calories, you will automatically balance things out by reducing your calorie intake for lunch.

Food tip: Just add some almonds or any nut you prefer to your cereal bowl for a wholesome breakfast.




It was always thought that eggs were unhealthy due to the yolk that’s high in cholesterol and fat. However, newer studies suggest that this cholesterol doesn’t have the power to affect the cholesterol in blood. Want yet another reason to eat eggs? Well, eggs contain choline, which is a brain nutrient that also helps in basic cellular structure as well as metabolism.

Food tip: There are various ways to have eggs. If you’re always in a rush, it’s best to boil them and sprinkle some chilli flakes, salt and pepper on top and relish them.

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