Dim lights, aromatic candles, and buttery soft skin at the end of a session—think spas and your mind will conjure images of heady indulgence. But spa treatments offer many other benefits, including a fitter and healthier body. Combined with the right lifestyle choices, a selection of spa treatments can help get rid of more weighty issues than you can imagine...
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If you’re already on a weight loss mission, a spa treatment can help to make the process quicker and steadier. Along with your preferred fitness routine, therapies such as lymphatic drainage and body scrubs will help to flush out toxins and stretch your muscles.

Spa treatments are useful, even mandatory, for anyone on an intense exercise regimen. Working out regularly can lead to muscle loss and even minor injuries. Deep tissue and Swedish massages probe into the muscles to aid smoother recovery. Your post-gym exhaustion will be gone in a jiffy.

Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle and long hours of sitting, we’re hardly unfamiliar with back aches and painful shoulders. While consulting a doctor is certainly necessary, you will find that regular spa treatments can be deeply beneficial. In the hands of an experienced masseur, an aromatherapy treatment will ease your sore tissue, untangle tension knots and leave your pain-free. For best results, get treatments at regular intervals.

A vigorous spa treatment can also offer a solution to the bane that is cellulite. Primarily found on the hips and thighs, this dimpled skin syndrome is not limited to overweight people. Many wellness retreats offer specialized therapies to facilitate cellulite drainage. A scrub and wrap session can do wonders for those with mildly dimpled skin.

A detox diet combines with a spa treatment will not just give you a leaner frame in weeks, but add glowing skin and lustrous hair to the package. While a bevy of ingredients will be externally applied by trained masseurs, a balanced, green diet will complete the holistic package. For best results, take a few days off and book yourself in a spa-resort property.