Is concentrating at work an issue or are you experiencing an irregular period cycle? The root of these problems is your unhealthy lifestyle. Stress, skipping breakfast and sleeplessness due to worrying makes your body unfit while slowing down your metabolism. And did you know that stressed women burn 100 fewer calories as compared to their calmer counterparts? Here’s what you’re doing wrong…

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Irregular meal schedule

When you eat meals at a different time everyday your body conserves energy instead of burning it because it doesn’t know when it will get more food. Keeping a meal schedule and snacking in between meals will keep your metabolism going while keeping you more energetic and happy throughout the day.

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You avoid dairy

It contains a number of nutrients like calcium, proteins and carbohydrates that are crucially responsible for regulating your metabolism levels and ensures smoothness of all body functions. Drinking a glass of milk or eating a slice of cheese daily helps in burning fat and building muscle which is very important for your overall wellbeing. In case you are lactose intolerant, consume baked kidney beans as they are particularly high in calcium and protein and can easily provide you with the nutrition that any other dairy product would.

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You don’t work out at all

Do you hate exercising? Well... you are unknowingly slowing down your metabolism rate as lack of exercise tightens your muscles instead of giving your metabolism the exercise it needs. Go for a run every morning and soak up some Vitamin D—it’ll regulate your circadian rhythm which controls numerous functions in your body like fat burning process and peaceful sleep.

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You’re always stressed out

Do you often crave chocolate and junk food? If yes then you are super stressed out. Make time for yoga or go on a vacation to get your life (and yourself) back to normal. Remember, a healthy mind only can ensure a healthy body and overall happiness.

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Your fruits and veggies aren’t organic

Inorganic foods contain pesticides that dip down your metabolism. Opt for organic fruits and vegetables that will not only speed up your metabolism but will also keep your digestive system clean and healthy. And if you can go organic with your food completely including your snacks, nothing like it!

Foods that up metabolism rate

Lemon is the ultimate way to increase your metabolism. Squeeze some on your food and have a glass of lemon juice every morning for a healthy you.

Cinnamon helps balance blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity and fight stress. Also, it tastes great and helps to curb your sweet tooth.

Coconut milk produces good bacteria in your gut that helps you ditch excess pounds. Replace your evening coffee with half a glass of coconut milk.